The Adventurer Begins

Once named National Geographic Explorer of the Year, Alastair Humphreys has never been a stranger to feats of daring. But for his latest challenge, he took on something much more daunting, albeit entirely more relatable for the average person: his midlife crisis. Humphreys, an Englishman, has ridden his bike all the way around the world. He has rowed … Read more

Patience Is a Superpower

When three large men lifted me off the ground and tried to shove me into a Land Rover, it was time to kill my business. I had started a social enterprise in Zambia six months earlier with a simple mission of bringing solar lighting to the half a billion Africans that have no electricity. But … Read more

Think About What You THINK About

There are six simple words in Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich, that have made all the difference to me: We become what we think about.   • THINK about what you THINK ABOUT. If you catch yourself thinking about unhappiness, ill health and adversity, “change the channel” and think about what you want to … Read more

The Four Keys to Successful Business

Salespeople typically rate their customers by at least four crucial factors: profitability, stability, vulnerability and potential for future business. Let’s look more closely at how you rate clients on each of those factors: Profitability. This is by far the most critical factor because it ultimately determines the profitability of your business. To be really useful, … Read more